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CCTV stands for ‘closed circuit TV which relates to the use of video cameras to transmit or ‘stream’ video / images to a specific location e.g. to your computer screen or to a set of monitors. Costs of CCTV have come down dramatically in recent years making CCTV a convenient and effective method of increasing security and deterring criminal activity.

Yorkshire Electronic Security (Y.E.S) provide a variety of CCTV systems, from the most basic camera system, comprising of a static camera connected to one monitoring position, up to a multi-camera / multi-site system, with programmable alarm zones utilising the latest industry standard hard drive recording equipment and full network streaming for worldwide access. In terms of storage rather than the video tapes that used to be used now hard disks tend to be favoured and the quality of the digital recordings, aside being dependent on the lens etc being used, are dependent on the compression ratios used, image size, duration of video being recorded and the number of images (i.e. ‘frames’) stored per second.

Y.E.S. supply all types of CCTV camera units and recording systems, including static cameras (with or without housings), fully motorized cameras (with or without zoom lenses), “fully functional” dome cameras with privacy zones and preset tours, colour, mono, or night vision cameras and DVR or PC based recording. CCDP is a relative of CCTV and stands for ‘closed circuit digital photography’ which refers essentially to the use of a digital camera taking a photo of a scene either on time lapse or when motion is detected – these systems are very popular low cost solutions to the need for some form of CCTV system. IP Cameras are yet another variation on the CCTV theme. IP cameras allow people / businesses to access and view their camera through an internet connection e.g. via a remote PC or even via a 3G phone!

Spy cameras, pinhole cameras, micro cameras etc… call them what you will but these covert cameras and recording systems are becoming more and more requested by the majority of our customers. Y.E.S offer a discreet service in this field, ensuring a high level of confidentiality at all times.

This You tube video shows our CCTV cameras in action

Click here to see what happened to this pair

If you require any information regarding intruder alarm and/or CCTV integration, please feel free to contact our sales or technical teams, who will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have – info@crimewatch.uk.com

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Yorkshire Electronic Security Ltd (Y.E.S) are electronic security specialists, with over 40 years joint security industry experience. Based in Leeds West Yorkshire we are ideally situated to service Customers in the Yorkshire area including, Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Halifax, Wakefield, Barnsley, York, Sheffield and Doncaster.

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