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Intercom is short for “intercommunication device” and is an electronic communications system allowing private dialogue (e.g. door phones) or announcements (e.g. public address systems). Intercoms can either be mobile (i.e. like walkie talkies) or can be permanently secured in locations in buildings or vehicles.

Fixed intercoms such as might be installed in buildings tend to comprise microphones and speakers which are connected to a control panel either by wires or wirelessly. Intercoms can also be hooked into other systems so as to control other devices such as door latches etc making them ideal for many access control or door and gate automation applications.

Intercoms can be either audio or video based, the choice of which depends on the application and the budget. To discuss your intercom requirements contact YES today for no obligation advice and help.

If you require any information regarding intruder alarm and/or CCTV integration, please feel free to contact our sales or technical teams, who will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have – info@crimewatch.uk.com

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