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Yescalators have there “ups and downs”!!

yescalators.jpgYorkshire Electronic Security have been commissioned to design a CCTV system for a leading Yorkshire manufacturer of escalators.

Due to an increase in insurance claims from members of the public, this new initiatitive will offer both the escalator owner and any prosecutors the evidence to view footage relating to any alleged accidents that occur. Most incidents involve young children and alcohol fuelled persons, who are often guilty of misuse of the escalator. The CCTV will offer an impartial piece of evidence for both parties should an accident arise.

All installations will respect the Data Protection Act and will be carried out in partnership with all relevant Health and Safety Governing bodies.

“Ice Spy”

icyspy.jpgThe recent “cold-snap” didn’t deter our intrepid YES engineers. Donning there snow shovels and de-icer they set off in the arctic conditions to ensure that customers’ CCTV systems were still fully functional even though most of the cameras were snow covered. YES managed to achieve all their servicing quotas whilst the majority of customers were unable to get into work themselves.

A big thank-you goes out to all the servicing team for their hard work during this very difficult period

“The Bank that likes to say YES!!”

boffins.jpgThe “Boffins” at YES are always developing new and innovative ideas for CCTV installations. At present YES are developing a wire free, stand-alone tower mounted CCTV system to be installed near problem river banks and waterways in time for the summer hot weather.

As we are all aware the hot weather attracts children and adults alike, to rivers and lakes often with disastrous consequences. This installation consists of a 1 metre cubed concrete base with a wind down tower attached. A 12 volt d.c. camera will be mounted to the tower as well as movement detection beams. Any persons detected by the beams will commence a recording schedule via an in-built SD card recorder. A GSM module will contact the landowner via a dedicated telephone number to alert them of trespassers. All the equipment fitted will be vandal resistant and will even transmit a phone-call should the tower be wound down.

The tower will have anti climb-spikes fitted and all electronic equipment will be mounted above them.

This bank-side solution can be used in even the remotest of locations due to its “wire-free” technology and long lasting battery supply.

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