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yes-oct1.jpgYES were faced with another challenge this month when they were commissioned by European road surfacing giants Cemex to supply, install and commission 3 x fully functional dome cameras and replace 3 x static cameras to their Stourton Plant.

The works had to be completed within a week to enable their new traffic flow system to be monitored safely.

One of the dome cameras required mounting on a 4 metre wind-down tower and the other 2 were to be mounted at approximately 18 metres on 2 outbuildings.

Due to the time scale involved and following advice from a renowned CCTV supplier, it was decided that the most efficient way of completion would be to use video and data radio transmission. YES were assured that there would be very little compromise on quality of images or telemetary by using this equipment. However, once the system was installed and initialised it became apparent that this solution was totally unacceptable. The quality of the images were atrocious and the data behaved erratically. This outcome meant that YES felt obliged, quite rightly, to hard-wire the system instead. The difference was quite dramatic. The images were excellant and the telemetary was very accurate.

This hard lesson just goes to prove that you cannot always trust the reputable suppliers and you should sometimes go with your own “tried and tested” traditional methods of installation.

YES would like to thank all the staff at Cemex for their assistance throughout the installation.

Double Trouble For Gate Faults!!

yes-oct2.jpgYES appreciate that during the current financial climate cost cutting is paramount but do we sometimes cloud our judgement by becoming “penny wise, pound foolish”?

By this we mean that when our engineers visit a site to repair a pair of faulty swing gates we are often faced with the dilemna of one of the gate motors being faulty “beyond economical repair” . When faced with this problem we have to inform the customer that they will require a new motor fitting. The customer is then given a quotation to replace the faulty motor “like for like” which includes any sundries and labour that will be incurred.

Very often it is wise on the customers part to have both motors replaced at the same time. This is in no way an attempt by YES to make twice the amount of money but is meant as a sensible, professional solution for the customer as the gate motors will more often than not have been installed at the same time and will have both had the same amount of use. The cost to replace both the motors will usually only cost approximately 35% more than just changing one motor. This is down to the fact that it is significantly cheaper to purchase a pair of motors from the supplier and also the engineer can fit the extra motor whilst on site reducing labour costs.

Please do not hesitate to contact the YES sales team should you have any enquiries about saving money on gate automation installation and repairs.

STOP PRESS…..STOP PRESS…. “YES offer new CCTV repair service!!”

yes-oct3.jpgYES are proud to announce their new CCTV repair service. If you have any faulty CCTV equipment YES can repair it for you at a fixed cost providing all the component parts are intact. If you have a DVR or maybe a camera etc that may be obsolete YES can repair it. Whatever the problem is you can have it repaired for a fixed price. This could save you hundreds or maybe thousands of pounds on the cost of purchasing a replacement.

Any potential customers can contact us for a no obligation quotation.

All you have to do is contact us with the item details,send YES the faulty item and we will send it back to you fully repaired. We will also replace any other potential vulnerable parts with new and offer you a full 3 month warranty. Surely that has got to be better than having to throw potential repairable items in the bin.

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